Monday, 24 May 2010

The Green Room

Poster boy for the Green Room Festival. The real thing in Yokohama yesterday was almost as wet, and nowhere near as sunny.
The Ska Flames tried hard to get the dunkee-jacket clad hipsters moving.
Live Painting… (weather permitting)

Brock’s little brother, shorebreak-photog extraordinaire Clark Little and the wonderful Heather Brown.

Not the best photo ever taken of me admittedly… I think I was distracted trying to figure out if it was worth the mother-of-all-kickings off Clark and Heather’s fella... to just reach over and give her a little tickle.


  1. probably best to show some restraint under the circumstances... great photos actually!

  2. discretion was definitely the better part of valor... whatever that means!?
    She was great though, just stoked to be there, stoked when someone bought a postcard, stoked when someone bought a T-shirt or said just smiled and said Hi.