Monday, 2 August 2010

O.E. Gallagher

Cracking night out at the Crawdaddy Club in Kabukicho last Saturday. It was like being back in the Knights Arms in Porthcawl listening to Rory Gallagher’s Calling Card on the jukebox… except this time I wasn’t an under-age kid about to get thrown out by the resident enforcer, landlord and all-round nutter, Ken.

O.E Gallagher. 
Click here to see him doing Tattoo'd Lady in Yotsuya’s Outbreak last January. 
He did tell me what the O.E. meant, but I forgot. How’s that for investigative reporting!

...a toast.


  1. Did you buy the Knights Arms book??

  2. I got it from Steve for Christmas in 2007. He even got it signed by the man himself... n a kid-like scrawl that really did the Knights justice!