Sunday, 15 January 2012


A lot of things change in 18 years, which was how long it had been since all four of us kids had got together with the folks for Christmas. For instance, I don't remember much about a Jamaican cricketer Christmas tree decoration when I was a kid.

Luckily though, some things don't change. Good times!

It was a rare chance to spend time with the whole family, aunties and uncles, and all seven nieces and nephews, so I made sure I was a good Uncle and kept the youngest of them well stocked with Corona and Grolsch.

This year, we'd also been roped into the Christmas Morning Swim at Coney Beach in Portchcawl. It's a bit of an institution back home and this was its 47th year so I  thought it was a good chance. They reckon 2000-3000 people turned up to watch more than 900 swimmers. I say swimmers, it wasn't exactly a course, more of a run in, scream and shout, then run back again. Not helped by it being low tide and a long, long way to go before you even reached the water. 

 Good fun but bloody freezing! (Last photo by the wonderful Mandy Thomas)

The Blue Anchor in Aberthaw completely burned down a few years ago but good to see it back to its former glory. Like the Plough & Harrow, The Bush and hundreds of other pubs back home, there's nothing like sipping a pint in front of a real fire.

The original Stonehenge, known locally as The Gorsedd Stones. Actually they were put up slightly after Stonehenge but no need to go into the details...

Nash Point and the Sand Bar. Site of many an adventure back in the day. Good to know guys are still getting out there. Timing is everything with the tides round here.

In the time it took my Full Breakfast to go from this...
... to this

The Esp went from this... this.

 Up The Bwlch to meet the locals

 time for a quick duet

before making the pilgrimage to Caerphilly, birthplace of Tommy Cooper

 then over to Castell Coch

 before a pint of Brains, since 2012 is the Year of the Dragon

back over the bridge. Free to get into England but it costs to get into Wales

lunch in a Cornish pub

 then a tour of the manor with KK... and Rudolf.

 Hell's Mouth on the North Cliffs near Hayle. Just round the corner was where this video  of the massive cliff collapse was shot. 

Lunch in The Spreadeagle Inn

 before a look at the other Stonehenge

and to round of a great trip home, thanks to JAL's increased baggage allowance of 46kg each, even in economy, I was able to take all this stuff back for the Knit Ishinomaki campaign. Unbelievable effort from Lianne, Obie, Mum, Gill, Roisin and Jack.
Pics from the delivery of this stuff up to Ishinomaki coming up.

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