Sunday, 31 July 2011

Rock The Quake

I'm a week behind with stuff now so before I write up yesterday's THJ trip up to Fukushima I wanted to mention last weekend's gig, Rock The Quake in Shimokitazawa's Garden.

Reward were playing with my bass-player, MC, stripper, magician mate Hurricane Sally (she sometimes does all four at the same time) the 5,6,7,8's and a few familiar Shinjuku live-house faces in the crowd but all the other bands were new for me.

The gig was organized by among others Support The Underground the Deadly-Drive MC, Japan Nomads, a group of bikers headed by Mune who have been taking a couple of relief trips a month up North since mid-March. There's a story about them here.
 The cross-section of people invovled in the relief effort continues to amaze me. From Yoshida-san the Japanese Christian last April to a 55-year old refugee from Burma last week, now Mune and the bikers... and the whole spectrum of ordinary and colourful characters inbetween.

The gig was cracking, Little Elvis Ryuta and the S.R.P. lived up to expectations and Mune, the leader of the Deadly Drive MC's band got the crowd moving, probably through fear more than anything else.
I got more bruises slam-dancing with the bikers than I have in 3 months of clean-up volunteering... as you'd expect really.

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