Saturday, 31 July 2010


I take all the photos on here with my Sharp Aquos mobile phone. It’s got a pretty good camera but takes about a second and a half after pressing the shutter button for it to auto-focus and take the snap.

Messing around last week I found that by jiggling the camera at the right time, just before it takes the shot, you can get some pretty mad effects.

Jiggle-free shots are first. No photoshop or other s/w tricks. Click to go bigger

I’d have thought if you didn't keep the camera perfectly still, the whole thing would be out of focus, but with just the right jiggle, some parts come out bristling sharp, while others are going on a right bender.
                                                  Big Stepper

Outdoor shots in bright light with straight lines seem to come out best. 
The bullet-train roller coaster. 

Fear And Loathing outside Yodobashi Camera

Inside sometimes kind of works too.

Speed bumps

Akasaka Dori Tunnel looking very surfable in the last shot

Shinjuku's Skirt Building

...and the new Cocoon Tower

Rolling around outside the station

Tokyo Marine Building in the middle of an earthquake

The Honda building in Aoyama.

Think I might play with this a bit more… it’s all in the wrist.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Shinjuku Live Flyers

Love the Tongues

Reward: Hurricane Sally on bass, (Happy) Nuya on lead with Eiji on drums

...and next Wednesday, live from New York - My Penis.