Saturday, 20 February 2010

Deep Magazine

You might want to regard your copy of Deep as a rambling old house. Wild yarns going down around the kitchen table, some more reflective philosophising going on in front of an open fire in the lounge, some strange characters getting up to no good in the bathroom and laundry, a few familiar faces to stop and have a quick chat to in the hallway, an attic full of lost treasures, a magical record collection in the basement and all manner of handy little items to be discovered if you want to rifle through all the cupboards. In which case, consider this the floor plan. You can check it out and decide which rooms you want to investigate first, or you can completely ignore it and just wander around and see who you bump into. Just don't piss in our steam iron, OK?

This was the 1995 intro on the contents page of the first ever Deep surf mag from Australia. It wrapped up years ago but had a refreshing contest-bollocks-free format. I still have the first 10 issues at home which include interviews with Rabbit, Jim Banks, Simon Anderson, Wayne Lynch, Ross-Packs-Cones, Shaun Thomson, (Don't-call-me-)Kong, Ian Cairns, Doung "Claw" Warbrick, MR, Cheyne Horan, Mitch Thorson, Nat Young, Bruce Raymond, and even Welsh boy made good Carwyn Williams! Excellent stuff.

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  1. looks like this guy was at Orbital' last night.

    Great Mag, now sorry I through my four or five copies out.