Thursday, 7 October 2010


I saw a sign in a fishing shop once that said, The Gods do not deduct from man's allotted time on earth, those hours spent fishing

Handy if you’re a fisherman, but doesn't help me much. Maybe the Gods could also cut a deal for those who spend their hours in bars till 26:00.

Any bar that doesn’t reset back to 00:00 at midnight might be on to something.

If there are places where 23:59 just steams on to 26:00, then maybe those two extra hours are also ... not deducted.

So if you stayed out till closing time every night, for every year of late-night drinking, you should earn about a month back. 

Even better, find somewhere to kick on till 29:00, save 5 hours a night, and get 10 weeks back every year.


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  1. Just not enough hours in the day for the important things in life are there?!