Saturday, 9 April 2011

Miki Endo

This website has a bunch 360º panorama photos of various locations up North and puts you uncomfortably close to the disaster sites. Click here  

The red frame above is all that's left of the crisis management centre in Minamisanriku's town hall. It took me a while to realize that this was the same building where immediately after the earthquake, 24-year old Miki Endo stuck to her post on the second floor shouting out tsunami warnings over the town's loudspeaker system telling people to run for higher ground.

She played a huge part in saving the majority of the town's survivors, and remained in the building shouting out warnings until the tsunami struck. One of her colleagues saw her swept away and her body has not yet been found. 

A 60-year old survivor who heard her warnings and headed for higher ground told her mother: "I heard the voice of your daughter behind me the whole way."

 This is her story from NHK World.


  1. Full on ey? Just 24 years old man!

  2. They just found her body today.

    I also updated my latest Miyagi post with a link back to this one since this was where we delivered supplies last Sunday.