Thursday, 3 March 2011

Feb 19th 2012

During the summer you don't get to see Mt Fuji very often, just too hazy. Spring and Autumn can be hit-and-miss but Winter is a different story. It can still hide away behind the clouds for days at a time, but for weeks on end it's there to help you out of bed in the morning and give you a reason to charge your glass at night.

After taking a bunch of pics on Jan 9th when Fuji-san wasn't even in the same frame, the sunset started moving pretty quickly to the North and getting much closer to dropping right into the crater, like some kind of solar-pinball jackpot. In February it really started picking up the pace and I took this one on Sunday Feb 13.

It looked like the next weekend was gonna be the direct hit but it was cloudy from Friday morning and everything disappeared behind rain and mist and cloud all weekend. The next half-chance I got was 13 days after the first one on Feb 26th.
Seems I'll have to wait till Sunday Feb 19th 2012 for the High Score.

...although this qualifies as a Match, make mine a double barman.

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