Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Last Sunday, Tepco announced that radiation levels at the No. 2 reactor were around ten million times that of a normal reactor core. They later corrected the information, saying the actual level was only a hundred thousand times higher than normal!

The Japanese government immediately came out and slammed Tepco. Why? Because they thought erroneous announcements were unacceptable!

Hang on, isn't being a hundred thousand times over the limit also cause for a bollocking??

It’s like getting pulled over for speeding on a 100km/hr limit stretch of road, and the cops let you off with a warning for claiming you were going at the speed of light,  when you were only really going ten thousand times the speed of sound.

Actually, the additional bollocking was over and above the current standing bollocking that Tepco are under from almost everyone here at the moment, it just grated to see them only slammed for making incorrect announcements.

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