Sunday, 20 March 2011

Journalist Wall Of Shame

Everyone should read the Journalist Wall of Shame  It was started by a blogger who lives in Yokohama, you can read the original post which started it all here.
It's a great and sadly much-needed site that names-and-shames the sub-human, shameless, lying-bastard, terrorist-with-a-day-job-hacks that give real investigative journalists a bad name.
When you have French TV (FR2) referring to the "Hiroshima Nuclear Plant" instead of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, German newspapers (Weld) calling the helicopters crews who are dousing the plant with water, "kamikazes", Australian newspapers (Melbourne Age) running headlines like, "NUCLEUR PLANT EXPLODES.MORE THAN 1000 BELEIVED DEAD. 215,000 HOMELESS", in addition to the newstainment CNN puts out, this site needs to be read, especially by anyone overseas with family and friends over here.

Traffic on my blog has gone up about 20-fold since the earthquake, so I'd like to ask everyone to share this link with everyone they can. Maybe put it as a status update on facebook, link to it from your own blog, or send it by direct email it if you have to. Please.

There is also a page highlighting Some Good Journalism and space for Quake Quotations There are only the following two quotes up at the moment, hope we can find more. 

WHO: Hans Sautter, German photographer living in Japan for the past 37 years
WHEN: March 19, 2011
WHERE: In a message posted in response to the over-the-top press coverage of the quake and Fukushima Daiichi, particularly by the German media.

"If you want to write about your feelings, then write poetry, not news."

WHO: Sir John Beddington, UK's Chief Scientific Advisor
WHEN: March 18, 2011; 16:00 hrs
WHERE: Q&A Session during British Embassy briefing for BCCJ members

Q: Why is the French [embassy] giving different advice?
Sir John: Their advice is not based on science.

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