Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tokyo Design Comp

HIT: The Parachute Camera. Nice simple idea, but you can't buy this prototype yet. Need some sticky-tape and a pair of Val's own knickers.

MISS: Hopefully you can't buy this four-leaf-clover finder either. It's supposed to work similar to cameras with that face-finder and auto-shutter feature when people smile. Don't want to see kids standing in a field impatiently scanning with their iPhones then moaning when they can't. 

Reminds me of when microwaves were first introduced. I think it was Rita Rudner who had a skit about how her husband was really impatient: "He's the kind of guy who'll stand in front of a microwave and shout, Come on, I haven't got all day!"

Imagine that.


  1. Phil, I hope you guys are okay over there?

  2. Yes thanks Steve. Tokyo got off lightly compared to the tsunamis up North. It's mental up there! Will post something up soon.