Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Onagawa then and Minamisanriku now

After describing the scene at Onagawa at the start of my last post I managed to find this clip on YouTube which looks like it was taken during one of the times the tsunami was receding. The tsunami came about three or four times that day.

The hospital car park I took the photos from is below and just in front of the person taking this footage. At the start of the clip you can see the damage to the first floor of the hospital on the left, some cars that have been dropped there as the waters rushed out, and . The still-standing white and grey buildings are covered up to about the third floor.

I also uploaded this raw video I took driving back from Minamisanriku last Sunday.

At the end you can see the red skeleton of the 3-storey building which was the town's crisis management centre where Miki Endo spent her final moments.

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